Vind Invest



Vind Invest was founded in 2008 in response to a growing international interest in the Scandinavian wind power industry.

Founder, CEO

Gunnar Paulsson (civilekonom & PhD Economics), a Swedish national, has a long track record as a management consultant for leading organisations (ABB, Swatch Group, World Bank etc.).

"My location and contact network in central Europe make me well placed to contribute to a greater international involvement in the Swedish wind power industry."

Contact data

Vind Invest GmbH, Box 330, CH-4528 Zuchwil (Switzerland)

Tel +41 32 514 00 00, Fax +41 32 514 00 30


Vind Invest GmbH Tel +41 32 514 00 00 Fax +41 32 514 00 30